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Subject: RE:Business with your company
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 06:25:20 +0000
From: Brio Inc. Sales4 <>

Oh look, another hotmail email address from someone I don’t know. Whatever could this email be about, I wonder?

Dear Purchaser,
How is your everything ?

It’ll take me a little while to check. Do you have a handy few days?

This is sarah from BRIO company.

Not hotmail then.

Actually i hope you review my email carefully . this is good opportunity .i cherish the chance to negotiate with you.

That’s what this is all about, Sarah. Reviewing Spam.

You are our potential customers so I am always looking forward to receive your mail when I open my mail every time.

Customers? There’s more than one of me? That’ll make writing my essays for school a bit easier.

Sometimes I send mail to you, but not any replies. I always tell me that you are so busy, so you miss the mail.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Sometimes I think maybe the mail is rejected by your mail. So I have no chance to get in touch with you.

Oh, that would mean it’s not you, or me, it’s my spam filter.

Hope this time you can receive my mail. Attached pls find the catalogue.

Random images of shoes pasted into the body of the message. Clearly product catalogues have gone minimalist.

You will reply, when you receive, right

I’ll write a spam review on my blog, does that count?

Best wishes

Ms. Sarah Dai

Brio Shoes Co., Ltd.

Add: 5E, No. 303, Jiahe Road,Amoy, ChinaTel: +865925286151 Fax: +865925286152

E-mail: / SKYPE:sarahdai772

Website: Alibaba:

Interestingly, Sarah, there’s a brio shoes website registered in Israel, which is, while yours has the hyphen in the name and is registered in China. Except the website address redirects to a Chinese export company, the top-level domain listed above.

Shoes, I suppose, do have to be exported if they’re made in another country?

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