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Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 19:31:04 -0500
From: Dian Cahyono<>
To: Recipients <>

Hmmm, looks like that domain name – – doesn’t actually work. I wonder if there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark perhaps?


Oh, yes, hello there! Sorry, got distracted with rubbish email addresses. Do go on.

I want to use this opportunity to offer you a business undertaking with a very high monetary gain and value, mutually beneficial to both parties if you are interested please reply my email.

Two things are going on here. Let’s focus on the one that’s within throwing-distance of my heart: you need punctuation in that sentence, Dian. A full-stop after the word “parties” might be of service to your message. Otherwise it’s (a) a mouthful, and (b) confusing to the reader. When in doubt, clarify!

The other thing is that you’re casting lines out to the unsuspecting, threatening to give them money when you’re actually only intending on fleecing them for whatever bank details and “fees” they can give you. It’s a variation on the Nigerian scam (no slight against anyone from Nigeria, it’s just the country that is quoted in the messages). The 419 Nigerian scam has a couple of things going on, the most obvious of which is that, like this email, it offers vast wads of cash. What then happens is bank charges are incurred which the unsuspecting person pays, then followed by the money and contact disappearing.

Read more about 419 scams here at Scamwatch.

So, Dian, I’m afraid you’re rumbled. Kindly push-off and find someone else to harass. Or better still, don’t.

Best Regards,
Dian Cahyono

Sayanora plate captain!

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