Register Plus Redux plugin

The Register Plus Redux plugin can be really helpful if your site is being inundated with spam users.

You can download the register plus redux plugin by clicking here.

Access the unverified users system

First, log into your website.

Second, find Users and click Unverified Users.

Once the page has loaded, you’ll see a bunch of users who have applied to be on the system.

Working out who is good or bad

In the below screenshot there are a number of suspicious and outright spammy users.

which users are good and which are bad?

  • Jazzy91 looks legitimate though – as the username and email are similar.
  • Justin Floyd and Kate Clendon are legitimate: their username and emails match.

Click DELETE for:

  • users who have random characters for their usernames
  • users whose username and email look odd.

Be Wary of users with:

  • hotmail addresses
  • yahoo addresses
  • gmail addresses
  • addresses with seemingly random characters before the @

Note: These addresses are often hijacked by different systems and used for nasty purposes.

Approve users

  • Select the user then click Approve

Note: you can also multi-select by ticking each item, then in the Bulk Actions drop-down list, choosing Approve. Then click Apply

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