Report a water leak in Melbourne

Get to the point – I want to report a leak not read about it!

Water water everywhere…

If you see water leaking somewhere on the street or out of someone’s property, one of the hardest things I’ve found to do is actually report it. There is no centralised reporting organisation or agency.

It usually takes me a good 10 minutes of calls to random water agencies before being put on hold and then asked where the leak is.

Also, if the leak is from a public convenience, say a water fountain, then it’s a council asset, not a water company asset so you have to call your council not a water company. Cue more time on the phone. All the while precious water is leaking away down the drain. In a country like England this might not be such an issue. But here in Melbourne, we’re on permanent water restrictions.

But never fear, for I have created a simple three-step process to help you out! Why I have to do this is anybody’s guess – it shouldn’t be this hard!

Where’s the leak?

This is by no-means one-click and you’re done, but it’s a damn-sight easier than scouring the net for the right information. If you actually care about our water supplies, this will help enormously.

Report a water leak to a company

Once you know where you are (a street name and number is great) then you can enter it into this site and get the water company to call. You’ll need to dig for further information on their website though.

Victoria Water: Find the water company for your location!

Alternatively, if you know the water company…

Click to view all the Victorian water company names and click through to their websites.


Report a water leak to a council

Unfortunately water companies don’t cover public conveniences, such as toilets or water fountains. For water leaks with these services, you have to contact the local council. You’ll need the postcode of where you are to get the council of where you are.

Victoria councils: Find the local council to report a water fault

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