Rules of engagement #12.5

When making decisions, I must ensure I have eaten within 4-6 hours of that decision. Any negative decision needs to be withheld if this is not the case.

Here end the lesson.
I’ve been feeling a little ‘meh’ over the last 18 hours or so. Partially to do with not eating enough and partially to do with a bad habit of catastrophising incidents. Only some incidents mind you. Once food has entered my system, calm reigns again and I can step back from what my mind is going over and over and over and take a deep breath, sign and say to myself ‘well, I’m glad I didn’t open my mouth’.
However, another way of dealing with this overly creative mind of mine is to write out what I’m feeling, identify the emotions and work backwards from there. I’ve just experienced a ‘mindfulness’ module in my course which talks about this very thing, which is nice as I’d already identified emotion as the trigger for a lot of stories coming up in my head (both real and imagined). Who knew I’d be on the right track!
Lunch consumed, brain firing properly, feeling better and grounded, now onto the edits for assignment and the writing of a new one.
Hi ho wossname.

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