Sherlock Series 3 – preview review

Here be spoilers!

It’s been two years, TWO YEARS, since Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) plummeted from the rooftop of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, leaving Moriarty marinating in his own blood. Whoops. That’s a spoiler by the way.

Sherlock is dead, dead, dead. Except, first and foremost this is an unbelievably popular show, second it’s got Cumberbatch in it, third our hero in the original books also came back from the dead after taking a dip in Reichenbach Falls with his pal Moriarty, king of crime. Oh, and fourth, we got a glimpse of Sherlock watching John Watson trying not to lose his shit standing over Sherlock’s own grave at the conclusion of series two.

I should note the different competing Sherlock Holmes stories at this point. To my knowledge Elementary hasn’t done the death of Sherlock except in the metaphorical sense when he worked out Moriarty wasn’t quite as masculine as he thought. Hats off to the writers here for equalising the gender balance in storytelling at the very least. Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock did the death plunge but with a very much flagged deus-ex-machina in the form of his brother’s personal oxygen supply. Perhaps to those who didn’t know the stories, this would have been a shock. Maybe it’s the circles I prowl, but it’s well known Sherlock Holmes resurrects himself, thanks to his creator being hammered by the fans.

And here we are; Martin Freeman (Watson) and Benedict Cumberbatch’s schedules have finally coincided and we’re getting the answers we’ve needed for (did I mention) Two Freaking Years! It doesn’t help that show-runners Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss have been so bloody smug about it, and revealed only that the answers are in the episode where Sherlock did the swan-dive. Dammit Moff!

Here’s a trailer/teaser (whatever) that doesn’t reveal much, just that Sherlock is coming out of the woodwork… we get views of Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) doing the dishes (because clearly that’s when she’ll be at her most docile. I can relate unfortunately; clearing the draining boards of dirty dishes is somewhat meditative). There’s a decidedly sherlocky silhouette at the window and we move on…

Next is Lestrade (Rupert Graves), in a carpark which is where you definitely want to surprise a policeman. Possibly that’s why Elementary hasn’t done a death of Holmes as the repercussions of him revealing himself to his police friends would result in the assumption of his death becoming the fact.

Mycroft (Mark Gatiss), keeping in-character, doesn’t miss a beat, as if saying disparagingly “you’re finished with this game now?”

It’s arguable that Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey) actually helped Sherlock evade the long arm of the law in the concluding episode of series 2, The Reichenbach Fall. His admission to her that he really does value his friends was either misdirection on the part of the writers (as it was out of character), or genuine; I’m leaning toward the latter. In the trailer, Molly gets a glimpse of “someone” in a mirror when she’s at her locker.

It’s John’s reaction that’s going to be the most interesting, as he was horribly affected (and indeed, isn’t adverse to throwing a punch) so having him slightly tipsy is probably wise; we see a moustachioed Watson sitting at a restaurant table about to quaff a big glass of red wine. And then the ex boyfriend walks in in the shape of Sherlock Holmes.

Oh, it’s going to be great!

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