Sick rabbit

I bought a new rabbit this week, found it all alone in a big old shop in Brunswick.

The Violet Nabaztag electronic rabbit
The Violet Nabaztag electronic rabbit

So, FYI, this isn’t a rabbit of the white fluffy variety. It’s an old bit of kit from a French firm called “Violet” (pronounced Vee-o-lay. Why? Because we’re French you son of a stupid person!)

Way back in 2006, the Nabaztag was the latest and greatest bit of useless kit on the market. It was vaguely programmable, and had lots of different funky features you could take advantage of.

The problem was that the device had to connect to a remote server, and it turned out the company wasn’t quite expecting so many peeps to take them up on their nifty little beastie. So the servers crashed relentlessly to the point that the device was basically useless.

Enter another company, Mindscape, who took over the company, the project and created a version 3 of the system called — wait for it — Karotz. This one had different coloured ears, a camera and a USB port on the back.

But after a while even this company gave up on the system, partly due to the flood of 4g devices and maybe even because of security issues. But they open-sourced the software so peeps could put together their own servers.

You can find everything on the website. Might need a translator if you don’t understand French though.

This, of course, meant that anyone of a non-technical bent was flat out of luck. There are presently no publicly accessible servers available for the people who still have these kicking around.

Which is why I managed to pick mine up for a measely $6AU.

A friend of mine — thanks Daniel — designed his own Nabaztag php server software and so mine is now working nicely.

But it did have a conniption this morning. It turned out that putting the sleep time as 00:00 caused the software to get caught in an “am I on or off” loop. This was solved by making the off time 23:59.

So-far this is an amusing toy, but if my evil plans work, it may be able to be used for an extremely useful purpose at a location yet to be disclosed.

But I might first have to perform an exorcism.

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2 thoughts on “Sick rabbit”

  1. Probably safer at 23.59, after all you don’t want your Karot-loving gizmo turning into a pumpkin!
    Does Pixel like it?
    Love from Rose & Pushkin

  2. Hi rose and pushkin! So the rabbit has been accepted into the family and will be possibly getting some modifications if i can get over to daniel’s place!

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