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phone spamI got this SMS message today from some miscreant somewhere in the world. Actually, in England. Though that doesn’t mean anything, especially with services like Pennytel which serve phone numbers worldwide. Great for businesses and organisations who want to operate internationally. Great also for scumbag spammers. The cost of a phone number is miniscule as compared to the possibilities of some poor schmuck that might actually answer such a message.

Add to this the problem that my iPhone has that means I can’t blacklist callers and it’s a recipe for vague annoyance. Puts me in mind of demon Crowley in “Good Omens” who sets up a situation where everyone can get a little bit of tarnish on their souls through more automated demonic services (such as the orbital motorway around London, or telemarketers).

So, I’ve found a couple of workable solutions.

First off is the Australian Communications and Media Authority website which has a SMS Spam reporting service:

Report SMS Spam to the ACMA here

Second is to set up a contact on my iphone. Sounds counter-intuitive, but it might just work:

How to “block” callers on an iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter)

Blacklisting apps do exist, but they have resoundingly negative reviews. The above is something that I can be pro-active with.

More Spam cutting to come!



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