So, a new phone

After a week of umming and ahhing, of research, trying to sell, backing away and going towards, I’ve finally bitten the bullet.

I’m now on Android for my phone, and retired my iPhone 3 (long may it live).
And Steve Jobs may well be turning in his grave over this, but unfortunately, he’s going to have to rotate a while.
Here’s the thing. 
It was free. My iPhone has been playing up for a while. Simple little equation.
A week of research led me to finally accept that this would work on the mac, despite having to use virus control on the unit (which was a big problem for me, but I got over it by loading AVG). Some final research today led me to Syncmate (to sync contacts and calendar) and Doubletwist (to sync music) to the phone. It’s actually quite elegant once I worked it all out.
I noticed today that the default browser wouldn’t load the guardian website. Nor did it have tabbed browsing. Opera for the phone did. 
I also researched the best email client. K9 Mail looks like it’s the one. 
So all in all, I’m hoping this unit works and keeps working…

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6 thoughts on “So, a new phone”

  1. Welcome to the Dark Side, mwahahaa! 😉

    Android’s pretty good once you get used to it. I use Gmail and all the other Google apps and they’re pretty solid. The only other app I’ve installed is Galaxy Map, which helps me make sense of those blobs in the sky …

  2. You don’t actually need any apps to sync with your Mac if you are running 10.7 (and maybe 10.6). You can tell your Mac to sync your contacts with your GMail account in the Address Book and iCal preferences and you’re good to go.

  3. Yeah, I’m running 10.5 so the apps are needed… Also, I wanted to avoid syncing everything with gmail and do a direct sync to and from the mac. Why? Because I’m like that 😉

    Also, while the free version of syncmate handled ical and contacts, I had to pay for the version that would do music as well, hence the use of doubletwist to do music. Slightly less elegant, but it works for now and I may fork out for a full license of syncmate if my partner wants to use their free phone as well as the license for 5 seats is less than two single seats 😀

  4. Yeah, I’m finding it fine thus-far, and anything that’s been clunky has had an app to fix it. Haven’t installed galaxy map yet, but will take a beak later 😀

  5. thank you! It’s fine so-far, and the response time on maps, fakebook, sms, camera and other things has gone from dead slow to really fast. My poor iPhone was doing its best but I really think that last OS update made it churn…

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