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I’ve owned several rock salt lamps in the past, and found them to be quite nice in a hippy sort of way. The last one I had was white and due to its position in the bathroom disintegrated pretty much immediately.

It really pays to read the instructions sometimes. Salt lamps will begin to break-down in moist areas, and it’s pretty logical that this would be the case. Water + salt = salty water.

I haven’t owned one for a while since the I experienced an issue with the last cable I had (not on the one in the bathroom). The way a salt lamp works is that the chunk of salt is attached to a wooden base with a hole in it. Then a cable with a bulb (it has to be an incandescent bulb, not a flourescent one) is inserted into the hole and switched on. As the bulb warms up, so too does the salt and you get a nice glow from the lamp. It’s not bright by any means, but it’s not really intended as a spotlight in a police interview room.

My mum ordered me a salt lamp for my new home and I did think it would be a bit hokey. However, when it did eventually arrive, I was quite taken by it. This one is carved into a bowl shape, with chunks of salt over the top. It weighs quite a bit mind you and I did have to remove the salt chunks to get it into place on my shelves.


Amanda at Rock Salt Lamps, where the item was ordered, was extremely helpful. In the first instance, the salt lamp originally delivered was damaged – split in half – so a new one was ordered at no additional charge. About a month of backwards and forwards occurred, mainly due to my odd working hours and not being physically home when delivery took place.

In the end, Amanda contacted me direct and we worked out a solution: she would hand deliver the item to me.

When exactly does that happen these days? Hand delivery? And free? Admittedly the rock salt lamps shop is in Essendon, which is around 10km away from where I live, but nonetheless, I was impressed.

So, if you’re in the market for a rather nice piece of salty sculpture for your home, which creates a happy feeling to look at, do go to their website!

Rock salt lamps online has a great deal of salt lamps to choose from, in addition to the VERY CORD I needed when my old salt lamp went weird on me. I wish I’d known that 2 years ago before I chucked it out.

Each salt lamp comes with a spare bulb too, which is really useful, and you can order them from their shop too.

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I actually own a rock salt lamp from this seller and am quite pleased with it. I received free delivery on the item thanks to Amanda who is one of the business owners.


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