Start earning more!

Arts and Crafts was never so profitable
Arts and Crafts was never so profitable

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Subject: Start earning more!
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2013 13:20:51 -0600
From: Arts & Crafts Home Company
Reply-To: or as email domain? Not unheard of, but suspicion has to start somewhere.



Would you be interested in a home job that allows you to earn up to $3000 per month? No start up fees, no “envelope stuffing” nonsense.

$3000 is about what a shop assistant gets here in Melbourne, but far be it from me to turn down a gift horse.

We proudly present The Arts & Crafts Home company The job we offer will not affect your present career, it will only take a small part of your time.

Is that a rotten tooth I see?

The only things you need to have to start running your business with our company are reliable Internet/E-mail access and checking/savings bank account. And of course your decency and willingness to earn. The vacancy is Transfer manager: The nature of the job is payment processing.

So, money laundering then.

It is related to online banking operating the funds from either our company or our partners to designated bank account approved by our manager keeping specified money transaction fee as a commission for your services (usually between $150 to $500, no less than $150 per transfer).

Everyone gets a percentage which is nice of you. But think of the person at the bottom of the pile, getting 3c in the dollar! What about their hard work? It’s times like this we need unions to force the bosses to pay a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work! Back in the early 20th century, the Labor movement was born, and forced the 40 hour week. Before that, we had to work weekends, kiss our bosses feet when they passed and generally worship the ground they walked upon because we were jolly lucky to have a job! The only reason we had caps was to doff them to the bosses in obsequious worship if they deigned to pass us poor benighted souls.

You will receive the funds which our customers/resellers send directly to you and forward it to us or our agents (less your commission)via one of chosen money transfer agencies.

Can you say what this has with arts and crafts? It sounds a lot like creative accountancy to me.

The job is rather simple and you won’t need any special knowledge to become our partner, though we do require that you are able to act on a very short notice. We can afford to pay such a decent commission only because we keep our customers happy with our promptness.

I can’t say $3000 a month is particularly good money, cetainly not something I’ll be able to retire on, especially given here in OZ we’re going to be giving up work 5 years later than everyone else.

For those who look for career opportunities it’s a chance of becoming a part of our team in the future (based on your performance), team in which you will be highly respected and decently rewarded – just think about this!

I can see myself now, sunning myself on a beach earning 20% in a non-extradition country, laptop in one hand, a creative cocktail in the other when your message comes through: “Please transfer these funds to our agreed destination, minus your fee”. But I slip and deduct more than my fee by accident (I’ve had a few iced teas by this stage, the alcoholic ones). The next thing I know, I’ve had a close-encounter with a cement mixer and am tipped unceremoniously over a pier.

Note to self: only deduct my agreed percentage. No skimming. This is a business not a criminal organisation.

We will be hoping to hear from you soon. If you would like to get our application form please email us with your request. No fees are asked

…just a non-negotiable lifetime contract. We look after our own at Art & Crafts financial services to the bankingly chalenged.

just leave your contact details:

” Write us to: We would appreciate your continued patronage and get in touch with you soon. Thank you!

But you’ve got my details. How else were you able to contact me?

Best Regards
You Are Blessed
Rev Nickky Carr
The Arts & Crafts Home Company

Hey, are you this Nick Carr? Pretty impressive I have to say. Hat’s off to you.

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