Strange on Facebook

Just received an instant message on Facebook from someone I followed only because I liked her recipes. She’s in Texas and runs a food blog. I’ve also never met her, nor spoken with her except for a brief exchange when she asked who the hell I was following her. Here is the exchange with [my comments indicated like this]:

FB friend – hey Lisa, got a second??
Me – Yeah.
FB friend -I want you to try something real quick
Me – k [I was looking down my nose with a frown at this stage]
FB friend -ok Lisa, try this test and tell me what you get.. i can’t get over like a 110, its rediculous
Me – Seriously? [Polite form for ‘What The Fuck? Who are you really?’]
FB friend -lemme know what ya get plz, so far everyone beat me, George got a 112, think you can beat that? lol be carfeful some of the questions are tricky

Ten seconds of online searching netted the following information:

Me – Interesting facts about puzzleiqchallenge: that it’s linked with scams.
FB friend has gone.

I also have no idea who George is.

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  1. Hi! I just stumbled across this page when I googled something a friend I haven’t spoken to in a long while said to me, because I got the same thing you did. Very annoying!

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