MacBuntu on a white macbook

So I’m playing around with my old white macbook. It’s a 2008 macbook with a DVDRW and maxed out memory (I think). It was running Snow Leopard up until last week when I tried out Ubuntu 14.04.

The objective is to work out if I can do my work on this MacBuntu machine instead of the Macbook Pro which has been the bane of my life since I bought it a couple of years ago.

It’s not a simple transition though.

I need to have several things:

email (duh), but one is an exchange account.

TeamViewer – there’s an app for that!

Google Drive – There’s no app for that from Google, but there’s a couple I’m trying out right now, both of which cost money.

CD/DVD playback – that wasn’t too difficult, but it doesn’t work “out of the box” because there’s licensing issues which is just tiresome.

VLC – haven’t quite got this working yet; doesn’t like one of the file types I can use without issue on my mac. Not sure why right now

Partitions – there’s three partitions for some unknown reason on this machine. I set Ubuntu up to use the standard install, but for some reason it’s jammed the OS into the smallest partition there is. Would be nice to get one big partition and have done with it. Think I need The Guru for this one.

Stop that fan running at a bazillion miles an hour – not sure why this happens, but it’s like being in a bloody wind tunnel when it goes off. Also, it kills the battery very quickly which is sub-optimal.

So, I’ll write updates when I fancy and might just have a nice alternative machine to be playing with soon.