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I’ve just found a nice solution.

The problem: Facebook events had to be manually added to google calendar, which was then added via plugin to a website I maintain.

The calendar ALSO didn’t display anything but the one google calendar, and there were several being subscribed to.

Get a google calendar account and add the events

1. get a google calendar account

2.use this procedure to link the facebook events to google calendar

Note: Don’t log out for now!

Install and configure google calendar events

1. log into your wordpress site

2. install the google calendar events widget

3. under Settings > Google Calendar Events, click Add Feed

4. add your feed title (eg. my facebook events)

5. in Google calendar, under Other Calendars, click the calendar you want to add, and in the sub-menu, click Calendar Settings

6. in the Calendar settings page, at the bottom click the XML link, and copy the text there.

7. back in your wordpress install, in the Add Feed page, into the Feed URL paste the XML link

8. Click Add Feed.

9. In the Google Calendar Events page, take note of the feed ID (it will be 1, 2 or whatever)

NOTE: repeat this process for each calendar you want to have displayed on your site.

Add the widget to your site sidebar

1. In the left sidebar, click Appearance > Widgets

2. In the Widgets page, in Available Widgets, drag and drop Google Calendar Events to your sidebar

3. In the Google Calendar Events widget, enter the ID of your feed (from the Google Calendar Events page). You can add others, separated by a comma

4. Enter the title of the widget (eg. events), and choose how you want it to display (eg. grid).

5. click save.



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