The more you are obsessed with the enemy, the more you become the enemy

This was a quote I remember from Bablylon 5 and its spin-off Crusade. Uttered by Jeffrey Sinclair in one of the first season episodes, and by Max Eilerson in one Crusade episode, the quote most definitely applies to Mike Adams of

I wrote on an article written by Mr. Adams yesterday, and refuted all his claims in as respectful a manner as I could given that they were quite possibly the most outlandish misinformation I’d read in quite some time. His response to close comments and thank “trolls” for making the article the highest ranking post on the site was, at best, disingenuous. Closing down comments because people are able to refute your arguments is a coward’s way out.

It turns out others are aware of Mr. Adams’s behaviour, and I’ll list these informative sites below for your reading edification.

Interestingly, if you really do want to read about the misanthropic (at best) operations of big pharmaceutical companies, you could do worse than to read Ben Goldacre’s book “Bad Pharma”.

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