The stranger (part 4)

The sheikh looked meaningfully at his camel then at the horse standing nearby. The stranger looked concerned when the Sheikh walked over to him and began to speak.

‘How much for the horse?’

‘You should get roadworthy, mister,’ said the local. ‘Don’t want any problems.’

‘Your friend is clever,’ said the sheikh to the stranger. Then to the local: ‘Is there anywhere I can get such a service in this town of yours?’

‘I reckon dave down at the ranch’d be able to help you mister.’

‘Dave,’ said the sheikh meaningfully, rolling the name around in thought, and completely ignoring the stranger who spoke thus:

‘A thousand and I won’t take a penny less.’

The horse gave the stranger an astonished look and headbutted him, sending the cowboy tumbling away.

Author: gotheek

Sometime writer, full time human.