The stranger – part 5

The stranger fell backwards, clutching his face which was now bleeding profusely. The horse that had headbutted him snorted triumphantly; the message had been conveyed in a manner most likely to be remembered.

The Sheikh, standing nearby, however, looked on and considered the value of the horse on the open market. A beast of this intelligence was worth its weight in camel-hooves. 

The sheik’s camel, being telepathic, picked up this thought, and weighed his options. First, he could stand up for his compatriot camels who were being discriminated against in favour of intelligent horses, he could punish this intelligent monkey for participating in an oppressive economic measure that cost his compatriots their lives and resulted in their feet being used as ‘legal tender’, or he could simply let the whole thing slide.

‘What do yer think,’ the old-timer asked the Camel.

The camel, for his part, remained silent.

Author: gotheek

Sometime writer, full time human.