Twitter held responsible for abusive tweets

There’s been a bit in the news of late about services (Twitter in this case) that are responsible for handling abusive messages.

Here’s one report about a UK Labour MP being threatened with rape for having the gall to work towards having a woman on a banknote. Another related report is based upon the opinions of the UK Home secretary.

I agree wholeheartedly that these knuckle-dragging miscreants should be held to account for their abuse. They should be prosecuted under the law for threats to harm and for (and this won’t happen, but it’d be nice) being backward, misogynist gutless hate-machines who are wasting oxygen.

And the people who enforce the law are the Police.

Twitter is no more responsible for enforcing the law than a telephone company is. Just because abuse is written in black and white doesn’t mean it’s anything other than communication. It might make said communication easier to screenshot and provide to the Police, but it’s not something a third party – Twitter in this case – can act upon legally.


Author: gotheek

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