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XBMC | Ubuntu

Well the Mac mini is no longer running at home after many years of faultless service. Now I’m running a Ubuntu box, with xbmc as the media centre. The mac began having issues with connecting via a HDMI cable to the new tv, explained after many nights of searching, to be a handshake issue due to a dud intel video card. Also, the DVD drive had issues in the end.

The dell box I’m using has been sitting around at home for a couple of years since I found it on a side street near home in fitzroy, while walking home from Piedmontes supermarket with some shopping. I had no real use for it but kept it to have a play with Ubuntu. Tempted as I was to use it for work purposes, the software wasn’t mature enough at the time for installation on the mac. Also, I just didn’t have the time to learn gimp, the open source photoshop app.

So now it has a use. The next step is to have the external drive with my media, music etc, share across the network. It might be possible to do by just connecting it to the apple airport or may have to be done connected to the media box.

We’ll see…

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