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Dear Sir/Madam

We are an American used car export company selling Japanese used cars and foreign cars.

I’m a great fan of public transport myself. I particularly like trams. Also, I do hop on my bike now and then and should really do it more often as my belly is expanding.

We export Japanese used cars to various countries in the world. We have extensive stocks of Japanese used cars and American cars which satisfy your needs. We have right hand drive in our japan office and left hand drive in NY city. We guarantee Good condition, Good price, and Quick service.

Why Japanese cars? Why not Lithuanian or East German? I’d love to see a Trabant up-close.

However, in the interests of fostering international relations, I’ve just gone to your website where I found the following warning message:

Danger Will Robinson!
Danger Will Robinson!

We have discount prices on Toyota Land cruisers, Prado and Double Cabin Toyota Hilux pick- up. To view our stock list, please indicate by sennding us a mail,and we will send you our stock list. We want you to take an advantage of this opportunity.
Sincerely yours,

Your english is a bit mangled there, Denise. And you’ve got a typo. Besides, I can see your stock-list on your website. Why didn’t you just refer me there instead of asking me to send my email details?

Denise Herman,
Sales Team/General Manager
Address: 43-40 Northern Blvd Long island city queens Ny 11101 USA
TEL:+ 1 212 359 1616 FAX:347 750 1524

So, the question remains, are you real or a hoax? I’m going for a hoax for a single simple reason: I didn’t ask for this message, therefore it’s spam.

Au revoir sweeties.

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