Using Passpack to manage your company passwords

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Passpack is an online system which securely manages passwords. It’s a really useful system because not-only will it securely store your own passwords, you can share them with other passpack account holders if, for example, you run a business.

Getting yourself a Passpack account

First, go to

Next, enter your name or role as user ID; for example:

  • Yourname.Lastname
  • YouthProject
  • ImTheBoss

Then enter a useful password

Next, enter your business email address

Then, when prompted, enter a passphrase – which is a phrase ONLY YOU KNOW. It could be a favourite song lyric, a line from shakespeare, or something that you know.

Some bad passwords and passphrases include:

  • your birthday
  • partner/pet name
  • “password”
  • “passw0rd”
  • 123456…

You get the picture: if it’s blindingly obvious, don’t use it. You’ll compromise the entire system if you do and leave us open to hackers.

Next, you have to enable sharing. Follow the instructions on this page to do that:

Activating sharing on your passpack account

Getting access to shared passwords

First, you have to find your nickname. This can be found at the top left once you’re logged-into Passpack, for example:

Hi YourUserID | SomethingElse

SomethingElse is the nickname in this example

For more information on finding your nickname, click this link:

Where do I find my Passpack nickname?

Then email the person who looks after common passwords with your nickname, and the passwords you need access to.

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