Wasted opportunities

“Melbourne to get even hotter” says the age newspaper. It also notes that in central Australia, there are temperatures reaching 45 degrees. So why aren’t we, the sun drenched country, installing as many solar collectors as possible out there? Why are we relying on coal for power? Good god this country is backward. We
are, as was mentioned by a friend of mine, 20 years behind the rest if the world. And while our politicians bicker like schoolchildren,and our media focuses more on Julia gillard’s dress sense, marital status, and endless potential leadership challenges, the country suffers. It’s at times like this I despair for this

Here’s a list of solar farms around the world thanks to Wikipedia. You’ll note that Australia doesn’t have one, and India, China, France and the freaking Czech Republic do. There are two in planning stages in Victoria and that’s basically it. These may not even get off the ground.

And I’m sure there’s some economic argument not to put solar arrays in distant areas. To which I’d call bullshit and talk about existing electrical infrastructure which can be used to convey the power together with the opportunities for “working australians” as the politicians put it, to be given jobs working on these farms and the infrastructure to bring power to family homes around the country.

All that is required, as always, is political will.


Author: gotheek

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