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From: Dawn Rasmussen <dawn@triuminfo.co.uk>


Greeting for the day!!!!

I am Dawn. Our co Trium InfoSolutions Ltd is registered company in UK and India.

Hi Dawn.

As you’ve been kind enough to list your addresses, I thought I’d look them up on Google Maps.

Here’s what I found:

United Kingdom office

Zooming on your own map on your site contact page and going straight to streetview, I can see a BMW dealership, a couple of houses, an outlet for “Cycles UK” and a roundabout.

If I go to a straight-up search on Google for the address:

476 St Albans Road,
St Albans Road, Watford,
Wd24 6qu

I get the following:

View Larger Map

The business at that address, by the way, is an accountant.


So I thought I’d contact them and see what happens next. In fact, it’s a large accountancy firm (at least, according to the website, which I tend to take with some salt, as claims online are not necessarily verifiable).

Here’s what I asked:

Hi there,

I’m enquiring as to whether your business is associated with a business called “Trium Info Solutions”.

They list your street address as their UK offices.


If you could get back to me about this, I’d really appreciate it as I’m writing an article on a message I have just received from them.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,



I’ll let you know what the reply is, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion they’ll be as dubious as I am.


So while you have a google map on your site, I thought I’d plonk the address into a new Google Maps window.

I got no results after several attempts, which included

  • 203, Karishma Plaza, Pushpa Park, Near Asha Hospital, Malad(East), Mumbai-400 097. Maharashtra.(India).
  • 203 Karishma Plaza, Mumbai
  • Asha Hospital, Mumbai (which did give me a result, but nothing like on your map.)

A little dig through the code on the page revealed your map was on google.co.in, which is Google Maps for India. Strange that it didn’t list internationally, but that’s fine.

A little more work revealed that I couldn’t even get a result by putting your address  into the Indian Google Maps. However, when I gave Google maps your business name, I got this:

Another business, same name, different location. What's going on here I wonder?
Another business, same name, different location. What’s going on here I wonder?

So I thought I’d do a little more Googleing, and found the following information:

  • There appear to be two businesses on Google Maps with the same name. One is run by a Mr. Hitesh and is on Poddar road, at postcode 400064 while in the map, the postcode is 400097. Mr. Hitesh’s business is a singular “solution” rather than the plural “solutions” you’re using.
  • The emails on Mr. Hitesh’s page (above) are the same domain name as on your site. So I’d call that a correlation.
  • The business location however isn’t the same. While it’s great to be big enough to have more than one office, it does look odd, especially because I tried several times to get the correct address based on the one on your own contact page.

Oh, and FYI: you have bum links on your site: when putting website domain URL’s you have to also put the “http://” not just the “www” otherwise it’ll resolve to the website you’re on plus the link. For example:

I have a webpage called "http://mydomain.com" with a link on it that goes to "www.myotherdomain.com".
When clicked, the link will go to http://mydomain.com/www.myotherdomain.com

Anyway, moving on to your message.

Our co is a new, modern software house that offer website design, development, management and Software Consultancy to clients both nationally and internationally to both individuals and businesses.

Looks like you’re offering accountancy too, which is nice!

We provide high quality solutions at low cost.

There’s an old adage: You can have it cheap, fast or good; pick two. You’re offering cheap and good which won’t be fast, but honestly Dawn, from the website you’ve shown me, I think you’re going for cheap and fast, which won’t be good.

With twenty years big project experience, Triuminfo developers can,

1. Design and develop enterprise and departmental level applications that will meet your specific business needs.

Great boast. Where’s your evidence?

Hang about. You’re both a new, modern software house and have twenty years big project experience? Sorry? If you’re new and modern you won’t have experience, and if you’ve got twenty years big project experience then you can’t be new. My suggestion is to pick one and go with it.

2. The organization creates unique websites, including e-commerce solutions.

Sorry to harp, but it would be “our” organisation, not “the”. It’s probable English isn’t your first language so I won’t bug you too much about this; it’s inconsequential compared to what I’ve found so-far.

3. Each development is provided to the highest industry standards.

Let me guess, ISO 9000 or somesuch thing you can throw at me. Hang on! Let’s check your website!

So, your Quality Assurance information doesn’t give much information other than saying you do it, which is nice. Oddly enough though, having some knowledge around website Search Engine Optimisation, I’d say you’ve got it wrong by embedding all the text on the same page. You should really have distinct items on distinct pages. Yes, it means you have to edit each page individually, but it does mean that search engines have something to do and will refer people to a place visitors can get information without having to delve through links.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s an infographic!

4. The services provided are carefully matched with every customers individual needs

Well that’s a relief. Here I was thinking they’d be matched with the Russian Mafia.

5. Future developments can help improve the return on investment.

Certainly can for your bank balance!

6. The ranges of services are available from the website.

Yes, buried under links on the Our Offering page. Seriously, this is a poor way of doing things. As a web design firm I’d have expected you to do a little better!

Common technologies used regularly by our developers include:-

Web Technology:-

Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft. Net Framework, Php, Word press, MySql, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, Frameworks and toolkits from Telerik, DevExpress and Syncfusion and other Web Services.


  • MS SQL-Server is a database which can be used on servers,
  • Word press is actually one word,
  • MySQL is also a database which can be used online, and sits beneath technology such as WordPress and Joomla to name but two

Mobile Technology:-

Android, Apple and Blackberry Apps Development and Solutions.

You got them right, which leaves a couple of points in your favour, but you’re well in the red right now. Ah, but what about Windows? Hey, I’ll give you that one: it’s pretty new so it’s fair to say not everyone will have the skills to develop using the platform (or the interest).

Our specialty:

We view every project as unique & offer solutions that are tailored to suit any budget.

We provide Developer team Onsite and Offsite.

Best of communication entire day online on Skype during UK time frame.

Do let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to share you more details about our past work details, client testimonials and price list.

Thanks & Regards,


Skype : triuminfo

Trium Info-Solutions Ltd.

I’d say given the overall dodgyness of your offering, I’d give you a resounding zero out of ten. And it’s only zero because scoring doesn’t go into negative numbers.

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  1. Hi Hitesh,
    thanks for your message; am just wondering if the questions I asked in the post could be answered really. There was so much doubt with regards to the physical locations of your business that needed answering.

    Happy to chat.



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