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I am Clodia Marketing Executive of SAI Informatics Firm based in New Delhi, India.

At last! Someone who belongs to an actual company. You *do* belong to a company don’t you? You’re not an imaginary being created for the purposes of spamming me with offers of services which I don’t want, don’t need and have no interest in are you Clodia? I’d be very disappointed if you were. Our relationship is just beginning.

I have gone through your site and found that we can work together, we have 150+ designers,developers,professional content writers and SEO Masters in our company. We deliver quality services within timeframe with economical cost.

Can we? I barely know you Clodia, and while I know that professional relationships are different to personal ones (for example, I wouldn’t get in bed with Clive Palmer if I were working for him, or when he finally gets to be Prime Minister). I’m not sure if you’re putting your best foot forward as they say. Perhaps we need to get to know one-another before stepping into a business relationship?

We have expertise in ” Trend MLS ( IDX Search ), Out Trigger, BST, RCI Holiday Network, HotelBEDs, iphone / Android apps”.

Why have you put those in quotation marks? Usually when you’re not directly quoting a source (referencing) or a person (reporting), that implies these aren’t things that are commonly accepted as truth.

We have experts for PHP /JSP / ASP .NET languages and following open source products :-

* Joomla Customization, * Drupal CMS Customization, * Magento, * OS Commerce, * X-Cart, * Zen Cart Customization, * PHPBB, * WordPress, * Codeigniter, * MVC, * Zend Framework, * Symfony etc..

Quite a shopping list. If you’ve analysed my site, you’ll know that I’m using wordpress, not Drupal or anything else. Clodia, if that’s your real name, I do believe you’re throwing things at me to see if they stick.

Please add Mr. Raj ( Technical Head ) for live chat on: -Skype Id: raj30jan, Google talk: raj30jan, Yahoo: raj30jan@ymail.com, MSN: raj30jan@hotmail.com. Email : raj30jan@gmail.com , Mobile : +91-9312639156

Well that at least checks-out, sort-of.

According to RNS Informatics, Raj is indeed contactable through those mediums.

But you said you’re from SAI Informatics. You even have a website. I wonder why you didn’t just send me there instead of pounding me with the things you do? It’s a little irrational, not to mention unsportsmanlike.

Do let me know if you have any question and I would be happy to send in more details.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Clodia Grace

I’m thinking at this point that our relationship is more like ships passing in the night, potentially with a U-Boat firing torpedoes at yours and ignoring mine. But that’s just me.

SAI Informatics (Your Best Outsourcing Partner)

Call : Canada/USA: +1 360 450 0557. , Toll Free : +1 855 216 7791,+91 9312639156 ,+91-1141845100
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Interesting you’ve got phone numbers from the USA and India, and then you sign off with a gmail account. Doesn’t look professional.

Or legitimate.

Clodia? Are you there Clodia..?

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