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Penguins are practically chicken
Penguins are practically chicken

From: Jason K,

We have created an advanced link building solution which is Penguin proof.

The poor penguins! How will they survive on the pack-ice with your penguin-proof solution? It’s hard work out there what with the wind, the cold and the killer bloody whales (which interestingly are actually dolphins)

Our solution addresses the fundamental problem caused by Penguin update. We focus on unique IP growth coming from various networks, anchor tag diversity, natural contextual links, and link type diversity which is not created using your typical black hat SEO software.

So you’re suggesting untypical black-hat SEO software are you? That’s comforting.

If you think I’m going to click-through on a link where you’ve admitted you’re using black-hat SEO, you’ve got another think coming. Me and the penguins are going to go in our own direction. You stay where you are. That black shape approaching is nothing to worry about.



Thanks Jason

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