Welcome to Paypal!


Dear Customember,

Thanks for joining PayPal.

Custom-what? Am I to believe this is an email from one of the biggest online banking systems in the world with a typo like that?

For your security, we need to make sure you are the owner of this account.
Activate My Account

And for your bank account which will increase in-kind when I click that link and enter my details on your website. Once you’ve harvested my account information with your phishing scheme, you’ll be merry with my money.

Please download the attachment and follow the instruction

An html file attached to an email. If this were 2003 this idea might have flown. Right now it’s a penguin being eaten by a killer-whale.

Here’s what we have on file for you.

Payment Source

Credit card


Payment Source

Credit card


A likely story. What were you doing on the night of the 19th when Bozo the clown was murdered?

Confirmation Code


Confirmation Code


And two confirmation codes. I wonder what’ll happen if I enter them into Google?

1623-2738-2972-3915-3005 is, according to google, -11007. This is likely to be the resulting bank-balance if I, or anyone else, was to enter our Paypal account details into your site.

In the kind and respectful words of Shakespeare’s Doll Tearsheet:

Away, you cutpurse rascal, you filthy bung, away!
Henry IV, Part 2

Yours sincerely,

Author: gotheek

Sometime writer, full time human.