Well it’s one less thing to waste time on

I’ve been looking every morning for a few months at the "not always right" and "not always working" sites for a daily dose of idiocy in retail (from both ends, shoppers and employees). On the whole they’re not bad (though sometimes the stories have an air of "too good to be true").

Anyway, I’m not going to be doing that anymore because on my iPhone the sites force-load the app-store as soon as they load, which is bad enough. That the app displayed is a gambling app is bloody reprehensible.

I’ve no particular issue with gambling as a whole, other than thinking there could very well be too many poker machines sucking people’s pensions away; but if it’s your money, you do what you like with it.

I do have an issue with a website with no apparent links to gambling firing-up the App Store with an app intended for adults. Seriously, people, anyone could be visiting: adults, kids, your aunty Doreen, responsible and irresponsible gamblers alike.

So I shall have to use my time in another way, perhaps even constructively?

Author: gotheek

Sometime writer, full time human.