Well, that was fast

Further to the recent (as in 30 minutes old) post about TrueLocal, I received this email from the review team regarding the changes to my account.

We regret to inform you that you can't control your account. At all.
We regret to inform you that you can’t control your account. At all.

The text reads:

Your Business Name change has been declined

Our moderation team has reviewed your Business Name change for Tall Poppy Digital to:

Unhappy account holder

Unfortunately, your change did not meet TrueLocal requirements because:

We have been unable to verify that the supplied name is for the business

As a result, your listing has not been updated. However, you are welcome to resubmit your request.

There’s really no surprises here. TrueLocal forces you to keep your listing running so they receive hits on their site from anyone stupid enough to click through. By disallowing you from removing the account, you’re forced to keep details up-to-date.

Ultimately this business model preys on unwary and inexperienced web users.

Author: gotheek

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