What a couple of weeks

I’m through the stresses and unpleasantness finally. I received a less than pleasant email from an ex-friend today, with not so subtle death-threats and unpleasantness. I answered with calm deliberation with something I’d wanted to say since our last communique: that I’d been with her up until the point she spent hours on the phone hurling abuse at me in that special way obsessive, passive-aggressive people do.

Really glad it’s really over now. Really. Hysteria isn’t pleasant to deal with. Aggressiveness isn’t on. Passive aggressiveness isn’t on. I did my very best under the circumstances and have extricated myself from a mess of my own making.

Now the story is over. For a primer on dealing with passive-aggressive, patently nasty people, read ‘On Interpersonal Badness’ on the Fugitivus website.

I did get something positive out of it though:

Meet Gemma. šŸ™‚

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