Windows service call

I’ve been waiting YEARS to get one of these. The nefarious parasitic Windows Service Call which costs between $120 and $180 to remove nonexistent compromises to your system.

I took a recording for posterity and may actually upload it here once I work out how to get it off the damn phone. Grr!

Highlights included:

  • Telling the caller that I had to go turn the computer on (put down phone, feed the cat).
  • Wondering what the Windows R command was for (actually I’d forgotten. That’s where Google Search comes in handy).
  • Getting the fraudster to repeat what I was supposed to type into the Run window.
  • Doing a rather fast search for screenshots of the Windows Event Viewer window which I’m including below for your visual pleasure
All those red crosses! Bad Windows! Bad!
All those red crosses! Bad Windows! Bad!
  • Getting repeat business on what’s under the Event Viewer root node
  • Managing to avoid laughing out loud when the caller said “Oh dear” at the six red crosses, and then querying him on the costs involved with getting rid of them: $120 to $180. They work hard in these call centres.
  • Engaging in debate about the relative merits of McAffee with the caller: apparently it will only deal with viruses, not this kind of exploit. He’s actually right if you think about it.
  • Asking what else I can do in the Run window? He was good, he kept on topic and guided me through firing up internet explorer and going to a screen sharing site.
  • Dropping a hint when I said my TOR browser wouldn’t allow me to download a file from a screen sharing site. He missed the reference entirely.
  • Telling him someone had called at the door and setting up my dinner to cook.
  • Telling him I was an IT professional and was using a Mac with Mavericks. The glory of his response in still trying to con me was awesome!
  • Asking if his religion was okay with him conning the less knowledgeable. No response.

Seriously, these people are the creeps of the cosmos.

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