One great use for the Yellow Pages. Probably not the most comfortable in the world mind you

I have nothing against the colour Yellow.

Well, I lie. I have something against phone directories with that colour. It’s not really to do with the colour per-se, more with the massive, completely useless and highly unfriendly tomes of phone numbers for businesses I would ordinarily just use a Google search for. Useable mainly  for topping-up my recycling bin, or at a push, putting beneath a monitor to get it to an ergonomic height, the Yellow Pages (and related mutant offspring, White Pages) are a relic of a bygone era (i.e., pre internet).

Certainly if the net goes down, I have the potential to be screwed. However, I’M WILLING TO TAKE THAT CHANCE!

To that end, I’m going to be cancelling my deliveries of Yellow Pages (and the matching monstrosity, White Pages) using the rather handy link below.

I recommend you do too.

Cancel your Yellow Pages and White Pages deliveries – you KNOW you want to!

Some additional reasons why Yellow Pages and White Pages need to be stopped

Author: gotheek

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